Lello 4080 Musso Lussino Ice Cream Maker Review

Ice cream maker can really be helpful if you want to make ice cream at home. Now when you want to eat ice cream you really don’t have to go out, you can just make your favorite flavored ice cream at home. Lello 4080 Musso Lussino will make your job really easy and you can prepare any kind of ice cream. This product is really helpful and has many different features.Lello 4080 Musso Lussino Ice Cream Maker


If you plan to buy any product the first thing which you see in any product is its features. When you see the product has all the required features you can definitely go for the product. Know more about its features which are mentioned below:

  • This wonderful gadget is fully automated and it is controlled by a timer. You just need to set the time and your ice cream will be prepared. Once you put the ingredients you can just set the time and wait until your ice cream is prepared.
  • Product dimension would be 12 inches wide, 11 inches high and 18 inches deep, which makes the product perfect for size and shape. The weight of the product is just 38 pounds.
  • If you are using this product for the first time nothing to worry, you will get booklet and recipe book which you can follow and prepare delicious yogurt, drinks or ice creams.
  • This product is under warranty if you face any problem nothing to worry. You just need to lodge a complaint or request and your product will be checked or replaced easily.
  • It is made of steel so if it falls from your hand it will not break and it’s really easy to clean as well.


  • This product has many great advantages. This is one of the best selling products and many customers have really like the product.
  • This one of the hot selling product and it makes super creamy ice cream which every ice cream lover must try.
  • Takes very less time to prepare ice cream. The quality of the ice cream is really good.
  • The product is not at all heavy and not noisy also. It’s really handy and can be used anytime.
  • The design of the product is really unique and the metal body makes its look perfect.


  • There is no problem as such in the product, but every customer has its own expectation.
  • The price of the product can be one of the criteria, but if you are a person who looks at the quality perspective then you must go for it. You will never regret buying this product even if you have to pay a little extra.


Lello 4080 Musso Lussino has many advantages which attract customers. Those who have used the product have given very positive feedback so, if you are looking for ice cream maker your search will end once you will buy this product. Once you will buy this product, preparing ice cream at home will be really easy.

Cuisinart ICE-60W Cool Creations Ice Cream Maker Review

Cuisinart ICE-60W may be one of the best ice cream makers you can get hold of. It has more advanced features as compared to the ICE-70 and ICE-30BC. The machine allows you to make not only ice creams but various other desserts like frozen yogurt, gelato, and sorbet. Whether you want to surprise your guests or pamper your children, the machine is just perfect. The machine accepts any other natural sweeteners instead of sugar, so you can get innovative and try out your own experimental recipes as well. The mixer bowl can take up to 2 quarts of dessert at a time, making it convenient for family use. To make sure that your ice cream does not turn slushy, you can freeze the mixer bowl around 24 hours before use. When the liquid in between the walls of the bowl does not splash anymore, the freezing is complete.Cuisinart ICE-60W

You also don’t have to keep an eye on the machine, the entire while as it shuts down automatically once the churning is complete. This can also help you shave your electricity bills. The machine is absolutely simple to operate. You just need to select your ingredients and put them into the mixing bowl. You can use the measuring cup integrated with the ingredient spout to strike the right amount. After filling the ingredients, you can choose a particular setting, set the timer and leave the machine to itself. Ice creams take around 25 minutes to be fully processed while gelatos and sorbets take 30 to 40 minutes.

As they state at sweeticecreamlove.com, this machine is not as loud as a blender or older ice cream machines. You can comfortably do other chores or even watch TV without getting disturbed.


  • Dimension – 10.4 by 12.1 by 17 inches
  • Weight – 13.6 pounds
  • Measuring cup included
  • Color – white and brushed chrome
  • Upgraded paddle for better mixing
  • Faster processing time
  • Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and dessert book included with the machine


  • The machine allows the user to choose between different settings for different desserts
  • The machine can be operated at three different speeds
  • It has a large ingredient spout which makes it easier to add ingredients without creating a mess
  • The open top allows you to keep track of the churning. You can also scoop out a little portion to check the consistency of the mixture.


  • The user guide does not specify the time duration for different recipes.
  • The manual does not give any explanation as to how one setting is different from another
  • The mixing arm does not reach the ice cream while churning small quantities like one or two pints
  • The lid does not fit properly


The machine is versatile, allowing the user to prepare various recipes from ice cream to sorbet. Cleaning is also not a problem as all its parts can be taken out separately. The processing time is quite okay. However, the machine may not be quite worth its price as there are other cheaper options that can cover all the functions of the ICE-60W.

Breville BCI600XL Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker Review

No matter from which country you are or what religion you belong to you will always love ice creams. It is the most liberal and universal thing that is loved by all people. Ice creams can relieve you from all your pain and revive your drained energy. Breville BCI600XL is one of the best ice cream making machines that has ever been built. Its state of the art technology gives it an edge over other competitors who try to beat it at its ability to make ice creams. Breville BCI600XL


  • It is a Self-refrigerating compressor and doesn’t need a manual assist making it way easier to carry out operations and save time.
  • It comes with as much as 12 presets which are ideal for making frozen yogurt, sorbet, gelato and ice cream and are much more than efficient in doing task.
  • It has a fully automatic interface but also gives you the option to operate the machine manually according to your needs.
  • It has a pre-cool system which gives you a better control at an optimal temperature of the device while running.


  • Hardness settings – There are as much as 12 pre-set hardness settings consolidated in this machine, which gives you awesome flexibility while setting up your frozen ice cream. On the off chance that you don’t care for any of the settings, or find that the frozen ice cream is a bit excessively runny, you can abrogate the projects and run the machine physically.
  • Guarantee – This machine accompanies a producer’s guarantee so you don’t need to worry about after set up costs. The maker remains behind their item and should anything turn out badly with it, you can get in touch with them to have it adjusted, repaired or supplanted.
  • Easy to clean – The cooler bowl is not removable from the cooler so some may surmise that cleaning it is an issue. Cleaning takes close to five minutes, and after that, the machine is prepared to be tracked.
  • Pre-cool and keep cool settings – These two elements are incredible, first for the beginning period of the procedure, and the second one for the consummation. Pre-cool setting solidifies the bowl for 15 minutes before you put in the blend, and keep cool shields it from liquefying in the event that you are not there to take it out promptly.


  • This equipment makes a lot of noise. You can’t be in the same room as the room in which this equipment is kept as while working it generates a huge amount of noise which is very painful for the ear and sometimes very irritating.
  • It overflows when more than three and a half cups are added into the bowl which makes it let’s effective although it has the 1.5 quartz storage capacity.


This device is a must have for kitchen and is a blessing in disguise for the various ice cream lovers. The compatibility of this device is beyond imagination. The delicious ice cream made in the best quality renderer that it is a full pay value for the price.

Nostalgia ICMP400BLUE Electric Ice Cream Maker Review

There are many new technologies which have been introduced keeping many factors on the priority. Nowadays there are many small and handy appliances available in the market which makes ice cream automatically. Nostalgia ICMP400BLUE Vintage Collection is one of the most helpful appliances that you should have in your kitchen. Now you can prepare healthy and fresh ice cream just in few minutes. Ice cream makers are available in different price ranges so, you must always set your budget. If you buy this ice cream maker, you are not going regret anymore.

Features and specification:

  • This product is 15 inches wide, 16 inches high and 17 inches deep which makes the product perfect. The product is really handy and item weight is 5.8 pounds.
  • This electric ice maker is fast and it is the easiest way to prepare ice cream at home. You just need to add all your ingredients into the aluminum canister and then you can place it in the middle of the bucket. The electric motor will churn the ingredients and your ice cream will be prepared soon. You can make different toppings to make your ice cream more delicious. You can add strawberry, chocolate, cookies and much more.
  • This product comes with a recipe book and instruction manual, using which you can easily learn preparing ice cream.
  • This product is made of plastic, which is really very easy to handle and clean.


  • There are many advantages of this latest and easy to use appliance:
  • The price of the product is really nominal; you will definitely not get any other product within this price range. If your budget is low, you really don’t have to worry as the product you are getting it’s already at its best price.
  • Very easy to use, unlike other products you will not have a tough time understanding the mechanism of the product.
  • You can prepare one of the best ice creams using this product and it makes your job easy. If you have never used ice cream maker before this is the right and simplest ice cream maker which you can operate easily with less effort.


  • Though this magnificent ice cream maker has wonderful advantages but still few things that you need to know about before you purchase one of this.
  • As the product is made of plastic you need to handle with care while using this ice cream maker.
  • Another disadvantage which you may not like is that the product is not completely automated, which makes you give little bit effort to make your favorite ice cream.


If you are crazy about tasting various types of homemade ice cream Nostalgia ICMP400BLUE Vintage Collection is the best gadget that you should have in your kitchen. Many professional cook and chef have given their valuable feedback about this product and how they have prepared lucrative ice creams with this amazing product. You must go through the guidelines, terms, and conditions which you will get with the product after you purchase.

Gourmia GSI200 Automatic Ice Cream Maker Review

Ice cream maker is one of the most demanding kitchen appliances that will help you to prepare various types of ice cream any time you want. There are many types of ice cream maker based on the features and price you can select the best appliance which you need. It is fully automated makes your effort really less as you don’t have to do any manual work.

Gourmia GSI200 Ice Cream Maker

Features and specifications:

  • This wonderful product has many exciting features. If you are buying any product you must check its features so that you can choose the right product. Below are the special features which come with this amazing
  • The main advantage of this wonderful automatic ice cream maker is the weight. Even you can carry it with you as it is very light weighted and easy to carry. The weight of this product is just 1 pound which is far lesser than any other conventional kitchen appliances.
  • This product is capable of preparing various flavors of ice creams with a real creamy texture which makes the ice cream more attractive and tasty. The technology which is used is very specific about preparing ice cream it also retains the flavor as it is.
  • Your favorite ice cream will be prepared within no time as it takes hardly 45 minutes to give you delicious fully prepared and frozen creamy ice cream right in your kitchen.
  • No matter which flavor you prefer more you can add various common flavors like almond, chocolate, mixed fruit, vanilla and many more of your choice.
  • This ice cream maker is actually a multi-tasker which has the advanced compression technology which gives the quality more professional and creates right ice cream texture with no flaws.


  • It has many advantages which you will find once you will start using it.
  • It is one of the best ice cream makers. This product is so amazing you don’t have to do any manual work. It’s fully automated, you just have to put all the ingredients and your ice cream will be prepared.
  • It is made of steel which makes sure your appliance is very much safe while using and also ensure the durability of the product.
  • It is really easy to operate; you can read the manual and start preparing delicious ice cream from the very first day.


  • This product doesn’t have any cons as such but you may feel it’s little expensive as it is made of latest technology. But if you are a person who gives value to the quality then this is the right product for you.


If you want to get an ice cream maker which can fulfill all your fantasies about preparing amazing ice creams this is the product which you can consider. It has much valuable feedback and good reviews given by the users which make sure it is one of the most durable and handy ice cream maker available in the markets.