Breville BCI600XL Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker Review

No matter from which country you are or what religion you belong to you will always love ice creams. It is the most liberal and universal thing that is loved by all people. Ice creams can relieve you from all your pain and revive your drained energy. Breville BCI600XL is one of the best ice cream making machines that has ever been built. Its state of the art technology gives it an edge over other competitors who try to beat it at its ability to make ice creams. Breville BCI600XL


  • It is a Self-refrigerating compressor and doesn’t need a manual assist making it way easier to carry out operations and save time.
  • It comes with as much as 12 presets which are ideal for making frozen yogurt, sorbet, gelato and ice cream and are much more than efficient in doing task.
  • It has a fully automatic interface but also gives you the option to operate the machine manually according to your needs.
  • It has a pre-cool system which gives you a better control at an optimal temperature of the device while running.


  • Hardness settings – There are as much as 12 pre-set hardness settings consolidated in this machine, which gives you awesome flexibility while setting up your frozen ice cream. On the off chance that you don’t care for any of the settings, or find that the frozen ice cream is a bit excessively runny, you can abrogate the projects and run the machine physically.
  • Guarantee – This machine accompanies a producer’s guarantee so you don’t need to worry about after set up costs. The maker remains behind their item and should anything turn out badly with it, you can get in touch with them to have it adjusted, repaired or supplanted.
  • Easy to clean – The cooler bowl is not removable from the cooler so some may surmise that cleaning it is an issue. Cleaning takes close to five minutes, and after that, the machine is prepared to be tracked.
  • Pre-cool and keep cool settings – These two elements are incredible, first for the beginning period of the procedure, and the second one for the consummation. Pre-cool setting solidifies the bowl for 15 minutes before you put in the blend, and keep cool shields it from liquefying in the event that you are not there to take it out promptly.


  • This equipment makes a lot of noise. You can’t be in the same room as the room in which this equipment is kept as while working it generates a huge amount of noise which is very painful for the ear and sometimes very irritating.
  • It overflows when more than three and a half cups are added into the bowl which makes it let’s effective although it has the 1.5 quartz storage capacity.


This device is a must have for kitchen and is a blessing in disguise for the various ice cream lovers. The compatibility of this device is beyond imagination. The delicious ice cream made in the best quality renderer that it is a full pay value for the price.