Gourmia GSI200 Automatic Ice Cream Maker Review

Ice cream maker is one of the most demanding kitchen appliances that will help you to prepare various types of ice cream any time you want. There are many types of ice cream maker based on the features and price you can select the best appliance which you need. It is fully automated makes your effort really less as you don’t have to do any manual work.

Gourmia GSI200 Ice Cream Maker

Features and specifications:

  • This wonderful product has many exciting features. If you are buying any product you must check its features so that you can choose the right product. Below are the special features which come with this amazing
  • The main advantage of this wonderful automatic ice cream maker is the weight. Even you can carry it with you as it is very light weighted and easy to carry. The weight of this product is just 1 pound which is far lesser than any other conventional kitchen appliances.
  • This product is capable of preparing various flavors of ice creams with a real creamy texture which makes the ice cream more attractive and tasty. The technology which is used is very specific about preparing ice cream it also retains the flavor as it is.
  • Your favorite ice cream will be prepared within no time as it takes hardly 45 minutes to give you delicious fully prepared and frozen creamy ice cream right in your kitchen.
  • No matter which flavor you prefer more you can add various common flavors like almond, chocolate, mixed fruit, vanilla and many more of your choice.
  • This ice cream maker is actually a multi-tasker which has the advanced compression technology which gives the quality more professional and creates right ice cream texture with no flaws.


  • It has many advantages which you will find once you will start using it.
  • It is one of the best ice cream makers. This product is so amazing you don’t have to do any manual work. It’s fully automated, you just have to put all the ingredients and your ice cream will be prepared.
  • It is made of steel which makes sure your appliance is very much safe while using and also ensure the durability of the product.
  • It is really easy to operate; you can read the manual and start preparing delicious ice cream from the very first day.


  • This product doesn’t have any cons as such but you may feel it’s little expensive as it is made of latest technology. But if you are a person who gives value to the quality then this is the right product for you.


If you want to get an ice cream maker which can fulfill all your fantasies about preparing amazing ice creams this is the product which you can consider. It has much valuable feedback and good reviews given by the users which make sure it is one of the most durable and handy ice cream maker available in the markets.