Important things you need to know before traveling to South Africa

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South Africa is a beautiful country that has a very rich culture. Traveling to South Africa is going to change your perceptive, obviously because of the things you are going to be exposed to. Many tourists have attested to the fact that South Africa is an excellent travel destination. Just before you pack your bag and visit the country, there are some important things you need to know.

South Africa is an advanced or developed country

You are going to find everything from five-star restaurants, museums, farmer’s market and paved roads to luxurious hotels. Many travelers have the notion that, they are likely going to share the crosswalk with elephants, giraffes or lion. Well, that is not true. You see, the wild animals in South Africa can only be seen in reserves and national parks.


Safety needs to be at the top of your priority especially if you are traveling to South Africa for the first time. The high rate of murder and other crime in this country make it a dangerous travel destination. But you don’t need to be too concerned about this because the area where crime and other vices take place is not frequented by tourists. That does not mean that tourists are not targets of petty crimes. If you don’t want to become a victim, you have to avoid wearing flashy jewelry, playing music in public, walking around alone and leaving your valuable in visible places.

Exchange rate

Most items in South Africa are pretty affordable for U.S traveler. You can grab souvenirs while you are there for a token. Or better still, you can check into a luxurious hotel, or eat at a top-notch restaurant without spending too much money.

Budget for safari

Checking into a good hotel in South Africa is likely not going to cost you too much money. But if you want to go on a safari, you need to be ready to splash some cash. It is wise that you budget above $500 dollars. You may feel skeptical about spending so much money. Think of it as an investment. You are going to get a good bed, food and a knowledgeable guide from it.

Final note

South Africa is an excellent travel destination. If you want to have a great time while you are there, you have to make all necessary preparations so that you tip can go smoothly. If you don’t want to become a target for thieves, you have to try to blend in with the locals.